Our Goal

To widen our embrace to help the environment through re-forestation: tangos for trees, to help the world breathe more easily

What You Will Need

Even if you can’t dance with us on June 20, you can still be part of our coordinated effort to plant trees and nourish the earth and its people by making a direct contribution to our nonprofit partner Trees for the Future. Dance and be counted as part of Planet Tango 2015.

  1. To be inspired to connect with tangueros everywhere.
  2. A great community who loves to dance and is excited to support a cause that we are all in together.
  3. A good venue with reliable internet access. For consistent streaming, we strongly recommend hard-wired internet, 10/1 Mbit minimum.
  4. A computer dedicated to audio download. We will all dance to the same music at the same time played over a universal stream.
  5. A local “backup DJ” in case of technical glitches.
  6. A video camera and dedicated computer to upload video so others cities can see you (optional).
  7. A projector, screen and dedicated computer if you would like to project the video coming from the other cities. It is possible to have multiple screens and projectors for simultaneous viewing of multiple cities, as desired! (optional)

How much does it cost? ZERO, it is free. We use freeware for the audio and video streaming, and all central coordination and resources are volunteer. Many organizers, local staffs and DJs also choose to volunteer their time.

What’s the pay off? One of the most unique and interconnected tango events imaginable. The chance to make a major, collective impact that unites us as a community and makes a real difference in our world.


Various resources will be available to you in support of the event.

  1. A detailed Tango Planet technical requirements document outlining all you will need, and how to sign up to the free platform we will use for audio and video streaming.
  2. Tango Planet official logo which can be used in your own unique event promotion.
  3. Promotion and reporting on this website.
  4. Instructions on how to submit your donation to Trees for the Future.
  5. Collective event promotion on Facebook
  6. Organizers forum with advance tech support and sound checking


Each event determines how much it is able to contribute. Organizers are encouraged to do their best to reduce production costs, including having venues donated, if possible. We recommend that all or part of each entrance ticket to your local event is donated to our nonprofit partner Trees for the Future.

We understand that each event will have a different structure depending on the type of organization (business, non-profit, community group) and country (rules on making donations abroad). In countries in which making donations to foreign non-profit organizations requires a special registration (such as India), organizers may choose to give to a domestic organization instead. If this applies to your situation, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you in finding a tree-planting project to support within your country.

In celebration of our global embrace, all contributions will be listed on this website by city within one week after the event. If you can’t join us on June, contribute directly and be counted as part of Planet Tango 2015.

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